Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I dont know how she does it!!

I recently watched Sarah Jessica Parker's new movie I don't know how she does it...... & most of you will probably disagree with me but I liked it I liked the way it made me feel well normal trying to juggle it all kids, home, my husband & trying to start a career I liked that it showed in a way that even if the woman (mum) is the main bread winner that there are still all the issues we all face no matter what. Its a fun flick to watch on a Saturday night without having to worry to much if the kids come out of bed its fun and light hearted and I must be getting mummyish or old one of the two but I seem to like the more easy going movies now days. I must admit though I spent a lot of my time looking at the set (home) past the actors I loved every bit of it I loved that it looked lived in and busy not picture perfect like a magazine when you watch movies with sets that look more like a magazine its nice but I like the thought that I could easily live in this home and love it even with kids I wouldn't be pulling my hair out worrying what they would break next as it looks like a family home neat & classy but a little chaotic at times.
The movie is based on the book (which I have not read but plan to..... one day ) by Alison Pearson which come out in 2002
roughly with out giving the story of the movie away its centres around crazy busy working mum Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker ) whom lives in a Boston Townhouse with her husband ( Greg Kinner ) and their two kids. Although the story is Kate lives in Boston most of the filming was actually done in New York City.
The kitchen is a cooking mummies dream & I love the windows everywhere the different textures used in the home make it really appealing to me but see what you think take a closer look.....


Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

I will have to watch it! Thanks.

kandnarnold said...

Yes Letitia its a little slow in parts and not as funny as I thought it would be but I still really enjoyed it :)