Monday, 12 March 2012

Garden Inspiration

I am trying to think of ideas for my front garden it looks really bad at the moment one section is not too bad but that is also still a work in progress, my dream would be to have the front yard fenced of so my kids could also have the front yard to play in as well as the back but that's not going to happen I think my husband is not a huge fan of front fences me on the other hand I love them. I recently removed all my roses I got sick of the maintenance of them and now the garden is looking mighty bare I have some idea of what I want but like always it comes down to finances.
I am trying to use some plants I already have in the garden and I am moving them around and spreading them out at the moment my main concern is the area along side the drive way and I would like to move the letter box add rocks and a foot path a feature tree in the middle of the yard and some green around the base of that. On I recently found some great Inspirational photos of peoples yards I think this is going to be a very long process but one day.......

I love how simple this is but it looks so elegant

I really love decking

Imagine your own tropical paradise :)

I would love an area like this is in my garden

I love the grass edging and the way the grass goes around the pavers

I would like a feature tree in my front yard like this

I love how green this garden is proves green is classy

I would love to have bamboo but I have been told it can go a little crazy

Lighting and a water feature just perfect

I really like homes where the inside mixes with the outside

Bi fold and french doors or windows say no more

I wish my grass looked like this

I like the bench seat and the water feature

I like this idea for my garden but instead of white rocks I would prefer small river rocks

love it all in this one

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