Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New Addition

Yep you read correctly I am having an other little one & I cant wait I am already almost 26 weeks and it's going really fast its so exciting and terrifying all in the one hit my girls are excited to but it seems like my youngest is the most excited I think because she will be a big sister for the first time she has been so cute and always touching my belly and showering it with kisses.
At this stage we are thinking bubba will have to share in ck's room as we only have a three bedroom home and at the moment all bedrooms have been taken I would love love to add an other small room but at this stage that is not possible but one day hopefully I'll have to add it to my wish list lol.
the main thing I would like to do before putting bubbas cot up in ck's room is I would love to get some new carpet in there as hers is horrible and way over due an update.
I would say at this stage the baby will be in a bassinet in my room as I hope to breastfeed so this would make night feeds easier it will all be play it as we go at the moment and where I can be organised I will try to be I have been looking at some amazing photos on Google and RealEstate.com of super cute Nurseries which I thought I would share with you all hope you enjoy them :)