Saturday, 21 April 2012

So So Sorry everyone that I have been MIA latley but I have been one busy mum with house renos, work, kids, school holidays and birthdays.
I am very excited though I have finally yes finally finished sanding all the patched up areas in my lounge room and today CK and myself are going to go get paint yeh! can't wait so this week will be all about back to school and painting I am one excited girl, the sooner we paint (when I say we I mean me) my hubby hates painting with a passion me on the other hand I get a great pride in knowing I did it and I am kinda fussy so I would rather do it myself. The other thing I am excited about is that once the lounge is painted my dream of a new lounge will finally be getting closer :) I promise I will try and get on here more but at the moment there is lots for me to do so please forgive me if I go MIA again until next time this is what I will be up to.........................

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