Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Look at these amazing prints on MadeByGirl


I love the way the table in this kitchen doubles as breakfast bar / extra bench space for the kitchen

You cant see it in this picture but the wood bench on the other side of this kitchen is a bar looking into the living room

 I love the way these black and white pictures stand out on this black wall in this home theatre

 Ghost chairs are the best love it in this room and the picture of the clock on the wall is so unique

Love the way the large mirror opens up this bar area and reflects light it makes the room look amazing

Some amazing homes

 Dont you just love this sleigh bed

Cant you just imagine watching your fav movie here with some popcorn

As i promised

Well i promised to try and make this blog interesting so i thought today i would do a little blog while i had some time in between being a mum haircuts housework and resting a really sore toe where possible yes sore toe i walked into the vacum cleaner last night of all things you think it would like me more considering i am the only one that uses it lol i must admit i love it, its a Dyson my hubby brought it for me earlier this year and i have to say it was worth every cent but one day i must admit i would like to get the end ad on nozzle that picks up hair and pet hair easier but even so its still my favourite household appliance :)

Some of the pictures i will be adding are from Real Estate for sale in Adelaide SA i find interesting or other blogs i cant remember sorry 

       I  love the way they have used the white leather small ottomans as seating at this dinning table

 Love the silver light in this kitchen i have similar ones in my kitchen now i got them from Ikea

 Cant you just see yourself floating in this pool

I love the coloured Chadelier in this childs room and i am loving the pink bird cage

Love these aqua blue lights in this kitchen

Still Learning

Well yes i am still learning so please be kind and gentle on me i promise i will get there eventually.
It just might take me a while but when i get the hang off all this i hope my blog is interesting and inspires you to be creative too.

In regards to photos i will be adding i can not remember where i have found all of them but some are from my favourite blogs ~
 Ada & Darcy, Beach Vintage, The Pleated Poppy, Thrifty Decor Chic, My House of Giggles, MadeByGirl, Making it Lovely, The white shed, Lona De Anna, Simplyvonne.
Sorry but i have not worked out how to link to these yet but as soon as i do you will be the first to know
P.S check out my amazing little girl checking out interior design in one of my magazines House & Garden :)

WOW I finally did it !!!!!!

well friends and family i finally did it !!! I am a blogger :)