Friday, 29 April 2011

The Dress

What an elegant looking Bride
I think the back of this dress looks amazing the lace detail is so lovely

Kate's sister looking so elegant and the little flower/Bridesmaids look so cute

Kate looking every bit the Princess she is

I thought i would add some pictures of Kate Middleton's dress for those of you that where just interested in the dress but couldn't sit through the wedding so i found these pics thanks to Erin Gates.

Royal Wedding

Yes I got sucked in I couldn't help myself I told myself i was only going to watch the wedding for the dress but i must say i couldn't help it I was mesmerized it was amazing to be able to watch such a huge milestone for this couple Kate and William look so in love and its really nice to be watching and see him say the words "you look beautiful" it still amazes me the amount of people there is inside and out and to think imagine all the people around the world watching as well.
I think Kate's dress was so elegant and a classical looking dress with beautiful detail and I think William looks so handsome in his suit, I must say though even though I think the queen looks lovely I am still not 100% convinced on the colour but she does pull it of its probably not a colour I would choose for my Grann.
But that said a BIG!!! Congrats to William and Kate hope you have a very happy and full life together xoxo

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I must say i am loving updating my blog but sometimes it feels weird when i only have one follower so far (my lovely friend Bec xo) i wonder if i should update all the time or is just once a week enough if i had more people following my blog i guess i would feel like less of a doosh lol as at the moment i guess i can look at my blog as a space for my thoughts not ones that are to personnel but that i guess are semi interesting and anything i think you might find inspiring, fun or interesting if you want to follow my blog please do i try and make it fun even if it is just for me and a few friends xo

Easter Holiday Madness

Well its that time of year again when we all do the mad rush to help the Easter bunny do his job while tying not to go insane at the crazy prices of eggs the massive line ups and the rude people to go with it why is it that Easter and Xmas shopping always seems to bring out the rude people at the shops it seems to me if your that much of a Grinch what must you be like normally its meant to be the funner times of the year. I must admit though i always find these ones the hardest i always miss family members i never get to see anymore and i miss when i was a kid and it was just about travel, family, fun times etc i mean its still all that but i think now the focus for people can sometimes go the wrong way its kinda sad. I was very glad this year to at least get the Easter shopping under $80 i think that in itself is a major achievement considering that just one egg can cost a min of $9 and the thing is i wont buy the cheap yucky chocolate because i know the kids always waste it so for my girls its Cadbury all the way. The madness i am also refering to is the kids are on holidays and its trying to keep them happy and entertained but i think the problem is trying to keep them entertained without it costing a fortune or ending up with other peoples children over every min i think for us it will be lots and lots of trips to the local playgrounds. Hope everyone has a happy & Safe Easter.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Eye Candy ;)

Some nice pictures i have found in my being nosey on blogs and real estate for sale

Print LOVE!!

I am loving MadeByGirl Prints her work is amazing and her blog always inspiring and never boring so i thought i would share some to show why i think they are so great