Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hi all i wanted to share this garden of a home for sale i recently found in Valley View SA i think it looks very child friendly while still being stylish what do you all think??

Sunday, 24 July 2011

I thought i would share some pictures with you all to keep you busy until i can upload some pics of our holiday......

I love the stone work on this home

I think this is a very sweet girls nursery

I love the light and the mirror in this room not sure about the rest for me personally but some how it kinda works

This home has some really great bold statements

I would love to have the room for a home library

I am loving that canvas and the bedding

This home owner really likes her stripes and it adds lots of wow factor i think it might be to much for some people

I love the graphic feature wall

and some more stripes

I love the art work in this home it makes me want more in mine

I think this is a clever idea especially if you have a horrible unsightly wall to hide

Monday, 18 July 2011

Sick Day, if there is such a thing when your a mum sorry to all my followers that I have been on the down low but just got back from a Holiday at Kangaroo Island Stay tuned for some pictures :) and amongst all the washing catch up and so on and trying to keep my 4 year old entertained without her going crazy has been keeping me busy and to top it all of I now have a cold so again i apologise but i am sure ill be better soon acording to the news the flue season is hitting hard so i hope you all stay well xo

I love this picture this is how my head feels at the moment :)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Walls with HEART I love

I Just luv photo/gallery walls i am still trying to decide where to have one that is going to look good in our home or which way to go but while doing some reserch today i came across some great ideas and some really interesting blogs so why not check them out when you get a chance

but until then check out some of the ideas i found.......

Monday, 4 July 2011

Clever Chic Space

I was very impressed with this nursery on the a la mode blog Shellie is in my opinion super duper clever she was short on space in her home and still needed an office space and a nursery so in a 2 bedroom home what would most of you all do? well clever Shellie decided the best use of space for the short term was turn her walk in closet in her master into a nursery it looks so cute and surprisingly still light she now has it as a closet again but i wanted to share it with you all and see if it impresses you all as much as me what do you all think?.....

The closet post Nursery

I love the colours Shellie has used

The pictures are so cute

I love that Shellie has enough space to even have a cosy space for her to sit in those long nights being a mum