Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Eye Candy

I thought I better give you all some nice inspirational pictures its very cold here in Adelaide today and whenever its cold I always love looking at nice photos its nice being warm by the fireplace browsing other peoples blogs & photos so enjoy

I really like the use of colour in this kitchen the walls are almost the same colour as my kitchen :)

This Laundry would actually make me want to do laundry

I love the colour of the tiles behind this fireplace

the yellow with this grey wall on this bathroom makes it very modern

I am really liking the new trend of these rustic looking tiles

Monochromatic colour schemes (black & white) is deff my fave

This room is perfect for a teen that loves surfing I think

This room is divided up in a very clever way

I really like the canvas in this room

The circular window in this room gives it a nice edge

I like the look of this room & so want the bowl red bowl from Ikea

I wish I had the room for a storage unit like this

I like the floor lamp in this room they have one the same at Ikea love it

Lego head storage, they are awesome my little girl just got one for her bday its great

Love the style of this home

The shape of this bath is very unusual

Yeh gotta love Ikea step stools I have one of these & love it

This room would deff make an appearance in my dream home

I think all these homes with lighter couches are starting to make my mind up for me as to our future lounge

gotta love a room with a view

I am really staring to like yellow in homes

I have these pendent lights in my kitchen they are great & super easy to keep clean i got mine from you guessed it IKEA

I would love to add on & have this much glass I love the feel of inside outside flow

I am really starting to want a round coffee table I think they look great

I really like this coffee table but not very practical with kids

The texture & colour of this floor is very nice

Most of these photos are from