Sunday, 27 May 2012

Second time lucky Coffee Table

Finally Happy I beat the bullet and got a smaller table and I am so much happier its cheap and looks great I have given it some added decoration of course but its great and the best thing is the girls Ikea stools still fit under it and they love it so everyone is happy, I now just have to sell the other big round one but other than that I am really happy with the results see what you think

The best thing is this table and all the homeware for styling on top of it where less then the old table all put together the table was from cheap as chips $25, Bamboo tray Kmart $10, glass vase Kmart $4, Silver tea light candle holder Kmart $3, Silver bowl Kmart $9, Ratten balls Kmart $4, Picture frame Reject shop $3 (picture printed of my computer free), Drawing man $8 Ikea, Plant Ikea $10 so I am very happy with what I finished up with especially when it was all so well priced & looks great

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