Saturday, 5 May 2012

Coffee Table Choices ???

I seriously can not decide I need a coffee table but I also need it to function as a kids table for my two girls I really like round tables the most (no corners for kids to hurt themselves on) my plan is to put a cane or bamboo tray in the centre of it with some candles etc but I just cant make up my mind on the table so what do you all think which is your fav out of my choices ????

This little one is at Ikea and I would get it in white a great price for under $60 however its plastic which I don't think will work as a coffee table ???
I like the Scandinavian feel of this coffee table but its around the $200 mark big difference in price ??

This one is a kids table at Freedom on sale at the moment for $130 ??

This colour would suit my house but its a little small for the price and being metal would be noisy priced @ $70 ??

This one at freedom $50 is nice but I think the corners are too dangerous with children

I like the look of this one @ fantastic furniture for $70 but its glass one of my big no no's with kids looks nice though

LOVE the look of this one but way too expensive and not really what I am after but love the look of it ($400 on sale) @ Freedom

So far this one is my favourite as its the colour I want & its a kids table so good height for the little ones and their Ikea yellow stools will fit under it and a good price what do you think ??

I am still going to have a little more of a look around but I am really leaning towards the round one at freedom it is really getting ticks in all the right boxes for me I let you all know what I decide :).....

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