Monday, 30 May 2011

Maison Blue

 ~ Cupcake Boutique Maison Blue at Aldinga SA ~    is for sale the funny thing is I have never heard of this amazing home/Business before but when I was looking through the latest Toop & Toop realestate booklet my eyes where straight away drawn to this gorgeous home, the home has amazing views an extremely cute little cupcake boutique and a Bed & Breakfast the decor is romantic with french provential styling its so well styled with beautiful chandeliers and soft colour tones it is definitely getting put on my must go or see list when I finally get a holiday out that way just have a look at these pictures and I am sure you will think its cute too. I was wondering if any of you have been there & if so what did you think?..........

What an enterance way

Wow the dinner parties I could have under that chandelier hmm yummy!!

I love that rug makes me miss my cream shaggy rug one day I hope to get an other one
More yummy chandeliers

Yep I think i could handle this pretty room that wall paper is to die for

Free standing bath and its pink wow

& a pool could this home get anymore dreamy

Yep it can your own cupcake shop


The B & B looks lovely

What a view

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