Thursday, 6 February 2014

Busy Mumma

Well I have been MIA for like ever and I'm sorry for that but like the tittle I've been one busy mumma I have had bubs and she is awesome she is almost 8 months old and has been doing so well my two older girls have adjusted to being a big sis for the first time and a big sis again very surprisingly well.
Its funny everyone tells you how busy you will be but no one ever gets it me included until your a mum again I must admit Ck is sometimes finding it hard to not have mums attention as much as she use too but its all slowly getting there and my two older girls are even helping around the house more which is great but on the down side nothing makes a mum feel older I think then when your eldest daughter starts cooking meals, but I must admit it is nice having the help and ck well she is just the sweetest little helper all our girls are just growing way too fast. Ck is in year 2 at school and Kay well its her last year of primary school and then she will be a big high school girl and Emma is already crawling lifting herself up on things and standing while holding onto things all on her own its crazy.
Emma's birth went really well it was funny I started getting slight pains and put it down to Braxton hicks which was crazy as it all started on my due date I was due to go in later that day at 4pm for a check up and possibly be induced which I really didn't want :( but the funny thing is in some ways I think I scared myself into labour for days leading up to Emma's birth I kept watching one born every minute scaring myself and then there was good old google which was my new friend with words like induce, being induced, how to naturally induce pregnancy and so on. The pains where not too bad and hubby was at work and so I thought to myself I better go to bed get some sleep before bubba comes but she was not having a part of that I think I got an hour of sleep and that was it then I relized it was go time or as "Juno" would say "thunder cats are go" so  I thought do I stress hubby out and my answer was nah I have my contraction app on my phone ill be fine seriously women what the hell was I thinking an app an app cant rub your back get u a drink no instead I have this great app that tells you each time how long and how close my contractions where and the worse part its like doing bad on a test that you want to pass but you keep failing as they always tell you leave it till your contractions are close so I was aiming for them to be at least 5mins apart I spent then next few hours getting stuff in the car cleaning up the house and in and out of the shower then I finally said hubby you might wanna come home when he did I was in the shower he comes in & gives me the look you knows the one that gets you in this trouble in the damn first place and then a contractions yep that's not happening baby ;)
Then I started tryng the exercise ball that truly does help and if it doesn't help you its always good to throw at people :)
by now I was back in the shower in a fair amount more of pain and that's when hubby walked in and said I think this is it babe so I think I better ring my sister so we did and before we knew it she was here one thing I will tell all mummies to be is if you have other children always have a couple of people that you know you can get help when it comes time for me I picked my sister in law as I knew she would be amazing and I was not wrong she was great at keeping calm and keeping my little ck from worrying about her mummy as the last thing you want when your in pain is your big little ones worried when my sister in law got here she was so good she could tell I was in pain but didn't say much as its like she read my mind that I was not trying to say anything for cks sack my other daughter was at here mums house so we decided we would let her know what was going on when we knew more.
An other contraction come and I really didn't want to do that in front of ck so I went to the toilet where most of the time as all mums know you don't even get left alone in there so ck came & asked "you ok mummy" and I had to say "mummy is fine just going to the toilet hun while grinding my teeth" at this time I realised even if I had a bit longer to go its time for the hospital so off we went and yes that short drive feels like your driving to Melbourne and back again.
When we got to the hospital there has been renovations happening and there was a construction worker out the front right when I get out the car an other contraction hit me I grab my hubby's shoulder and laugh while trying to deal with pain then I noticed the worker thought it was funny too and was laughing so there I am laughing in pain saying "shut up shut up" grinding my teeth it was actually funny when I think of it now and I must minus the pain was funny at the time too.
Then we finally made it into the hospital & on with the fun ride of labour I spent at least the first hour in the shower which was amazing it truly did help me then funny thing when I knew shower was an option I asked the midwife " do I go in clothed in my bra and undies on nada " she replied "its up to you" and the thing was I only pack limited undies and bras so my option bday suit I figure shes seen it all before even though  she was a young student midwife she made me feel so at ease happy and safe which is a great thing when deep down I was scared excuse my French shitless :).
When I was in the shower having my back soaked my my hubby and the midwife getting me water and making sure I was ok at all times it was then I looked around at my surroundings and hubby gave me one of his cheeky smiles I knew what he was thinking naked wife and an other women lol cheeky bugga .
I decided after an hour id had enough of the shower and needed to go back to the bed which was good & the rest of my labour was spent going between the toilet and the bed the midwife told me that sitting on the toilet and letting of a good fart was good to help labour made me giggle but it did long story short I nearly ended up giving birth on the toilet as Emma decided to drop all of a sudden really fast it was then I felt what I thought was my back pop which I would later find out was my cocksick bone break let me tell you that is pain full as my first labour with ck was so fast with no complication I thought the pain in my bum would go away the next day it didn't.
But that set aside Emmas birth was magical and so memorable hubby was so supportive and the midwifes where so amazing I was lucky enough to have Emma in a birthing suit which believe it or not helps when you want to have a natural birth which is what I wanted having that big open window to look outside was so nice.
Once they put that bubba on you though its like your world stops its the best feelings ever one day ill have to share my story of cks birth all though it was fast just as memorable with Emma I did a number of hours of labour at home on my own before I even rang hubby but I got at the hospital at 8am and she was born at 11:08 am
She was born the 17th of June 2013 @ 11:08
weight 2270gm Length 49.5cm head 32cm at the Lyell McEwin hospital

Love you Emma Kate xoxo

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