Saturday, 9 February 2013


Last Year I blogged about a holiday we where going on it was great we ended up going to Blue Bay Beach House at Robe SA it was a really Nice place to stay very roomy clean and modern I honestly could have stayed there and made it our home I loved the house so much it was very well decorated and the floor plan was very good for a group of people we had yummy meals while we where there my sister in law and myself shared the cooking and all the guys did some breakfast and lunch meals to give us a break and they help with the dishes which meant it still felt like a holiday even though we had to organise meals.
The other thing I loved was it was only walking distance from the beach which was great for us to walk the kids there for something to do the weather wasn't the best but that did not stop us having a great time.
We even got one of the photos like I wanted......

This is the one I found on a blog
This is our version LOL :) Told you it was a little bad weather, no bathers for our version

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