Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Resort Style Living as Home YES PLEASE!!!!!

Because I am always looking at real estate and peoples homes on blogs it takes a lot to really make my heart skip a beat but, recently I found this amazing home for sale at Real its amazing it would be like living in a resort everyday the views are to die for, it has a very unique kitchen which I love, the master has been decorated to a high standard with a view and a aviary feature,  the lounge again that view and beautiful light fittings and a very unique fireplace, the pool well its just to die for, so lets just say if i win xlotto this home would defiantly be at the top of one of my want list its a dream home with resort style living. I could just picture myself in that pool with a glass of wine with all my friends and family :) there is enough room for every one in this homes pool and the bbq outdoor kitchen area is screaming for a party I LOVE IT!!!
see what you think????............

This is the homes amazing pool where I would spend a lot of my time especially in summer

I love that light and the view well

How cute is the unique fireplace 

The mosaic in the kitchen is so unique it looks amazing I think

A beautiful dinning area with a view

The outdoor area I would eat and dine love it :)

& The Pool.....

Where i would laze around watching my girls in the pool

The lovely decorated Master Bedroom

Yummy Bath

Views for miles

Such an unusual looking home but i love it well...... a girl can Dream :)......The only negative about this home is not much yard but hey your on the beach that's a whole lot of play area & lets face it if I won big in xlotto I would not just stop at one home lol

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