Sunday, 21 August 2011

If only I Lived in Utah

I have been sending emails and more to lots of Interior Designers and Property Desiners here in Adelaide i have some companies that i could only dream of working for and I am not giving up I am not one to give up with out a fight and so far i feel like the crazy storker wanna be employer with all the emais but I really do want an Interior Design job i just need that one amaizing employer to give me a chance but until them the fight lol :) goes on. If only i lived in Utah at the moment Kirsten Krasen of 6th Street Design School is hiring an Intern.....

So if you live in Utah your in luck!! me on the other hand I am still searching so if any of you in blog land hear of a great Interior Design Company or Property Desing Company wanting to give a new Interior Design School Graduate a chance please drop me an email i will love you forever :)

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