Friday, 3 June 2011

I've been busy

I have not done many post lately as i have been super busy with some house Reno's one i can share with you which is finally finished thanks to me, is the horrible mess at the end of the our hallway where the kitchen use to have a door way leading through before the kitchen Reno. This desperately needed to be filled in on the hallway side it looked ugly for ages. But recently when hubby went away on one of his trips i got to work first myself and little miss crystal went to good old Bunnings to get our paint sample and supplies might I add my little one is not a normal 4 year old in my eyes when you say to her lets go to bunnings mummy needs to get a few things you would think I told her we where going to her favourite toy store she loves it mind you our bunnings does have a great play area which I generally let her go in if we have time and on the weekends she likes getting her face painted when they have it there so I guess that just might have something to do with it. Sorry back on subject the ugly wall after getting supplies we came home and i got busy with plastering up the gaps with no help (this was a little daunting) as i had never done a job like this before. After a few coats then came the messy sanding this part is never fun not to mention the clean up after. Once that all felt smooth it was time to paint then we added our new canvas which crystal loved she also loves the colour of the wall. Needles to say when hubby got back from his trip he was very!!! impressed, I think i might be stuck with doing the rest of the house now he knows I can do such a good job and considering it was my first time fixing a wall that bad hopefully i will only get better but any hoooo here's the Before & After's for yas xo

Before ~ ugly i know

After plastering

After ~ The paint colour is Dulux Sky Blue

I love the way my light stands out with the blue background of colour

Now i just need to add skirting paint that and all the rest of the hallway

I love this print I know its not an original (sorry) but its all I can afford for now its from Spotlight